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"Ever wonder who you truly are or what you were meant to be? I know that I have often forgotten who I am, what I am meant to do and what is truly the core of me. I get glimpses here and there and every now and then someone tells me a little piece. The amazing thing is our brain has written exactly who we are all into our hands and Megha has the key to help us read what is there. 

I now have a tool to look further into myself.  I can’t be more grateful for Megha’s insights and the ability to read what I have been able to see, but unable to decipher. If you are looking for someone to help you see further into yourself, search no more. Megha explores the depths of what is written in your hands and the build of your human design. I can’t say thank you enough to Megha for helping me see myself!! I am forever grateful! "

~ Stephanie W.

"Working with you didn't necessarily tell me things I didn't KNOW about myself. What it did was remind me about my dreams and give me the support I needed to make big changes"

~Donna K. 

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With your personalized Soul Imprint scientific hand analysis session you will receive deep personal insight into what your greatest gifts and purpose are in the message that you deliver to the world. 

You will discover:

  • Your Life Purpose which aligns to support you confidently stepping up in the world 
  • Your Life School the overarching theme of your life which will reveal to you the path you can walk masterfully and the things that can stop you if you are out of alignment
  • Your Life Lesson (aka blindspots) that can be stopping your from living the most powerful life possible that if you aren't aware of them can create "traffic jams" in the path of your life
  • Your most gifted direction for the path of your life's work
  • Your core Human Design type that is also used to equip you as a powerful advocate of your own voice

This process is done as a live one-on-one private webinar recording so that you can review our conversation at your leisure over and over again in the future.  

The process works as follows:

#1 - purchase your hand analysis session

#2 - complete the form you receive after purchase

#3 - receive a express packet in the mail to complete your handprints (ships within 1-2 business days)

#4 - take a photo copy of your prints and send to Megha so you can schedule your appointment

#5 - mail real prints back to Megha 

#6 - enjoy your personalized Soul Imprint Hand Analysis session 

The power of this work is that you will be able to apply what you learn from this session for the rest of your life.

Your fingerprints developed when you were 14 week in utero and they will disappear 3 days after you die. The lines and markings in your hands review a guide to living a fully expanded life. Scientific hand analysis is not predictive and it sources the power of the neural maps in your brain that show up in your hands.

Here's what one of my recent clients has to say...

Not ready to step all the way into a full Hand Analysis session? 

Let's explore one area (career, love, family, etc) 

for a 1/2 hour niche reading


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